Hagar Gila, born 1938
40 years of creation in the arts

Hagar Gila has established a highly personal, sculptural voice that navigates themes of nature and history. She has held 18 separate solo exhibitions in Tel-Aviv, New York, Miami, Jerusalem and Chicago.

Hagar's early work portrays the abstract and the imaginary, spanning many emotions and personas. With an economy of detail and line, her bronzes and ceramics communicate a harmonic aesthetic which balances form and space. On another side of the spectrum is her renowned Biblical Women works -- a series that honors female figures from various periods of the Bible. Hagar has also thoroughly merged both representational and abstract approaches through her semi-abstract figurative works. She finds inspiration in the biology, designs and movements of nature, while dynamically fusing wood, glass and delicate bronze forms. Hagar's dialogue with content and material is perpetually evolving.